Cylinder head

Cylinder head is an engine part unit and is prone to cracks due to overheating. Repairs of cylinder head are an affordable alternative from buying new ones. The price of a new cylinder head ranges from US$ 500 to over US$20000 or depends g on the type of the engine whether automotive or a marine head. The prices do not include the spares required for the cylinder head like head gasket, valve seals, engine valves etc.

Most of the cylinder heads are not available in the market because it is not a fast moving items and hence people resort to repairing them world wide.

We stock new cylinder heads only for those which are not repairable and which are fasting moving.

Autozone uses the latest technology similar to the one used in developed countries like USA and Australia. We have strong networking with our American counterparts, France who is best in the world.

The service of cylinder head involves the following:

  1. Pressure testing for cracks for the detection of leakages in the cylinder head
  2. Valve seat reconditioning and the installation of new valve seats
  3. Cylinder head resurfacing
  4. Crack repairs
  5. Changing of valve guides
  6. Align boring of overhead camshaft cylinder head
  7. Lapping and fittings
  8. Shims settings.

We supply new Engine parts like Engine Valves, Valve guides, Valve seats, Shims, Cups as well as New Cylinder Heads.