Business Background

AUTOZONE LTD is a specialized service industry trading under the name of Autozone Ltd. The company's registered office is at Plot 46 Kisarawe Street and the company registration number is 40219. AUTOZONE LTD is a private family business founded in 2000 after identifying a niche opportunity in this precision engine of rebuilding cylinder heads, stockiest of new cylinder head, cylinder head parts and critical engine parts.

All our services stands out from the competition because of the technical know house and vast experience in the field and keeping abreast with the changing technology. We have no such serious competitor as we have embraced bringing g new technology.

The materials we use in manufacturing the cylinder heads valve seats are all imported and unmatched by local casting which have porosity and blow holes.

We used the right technology using appropriate tools and material to reach the required performance of the component.

AUTOZONE LTD offers top quality customer support in the form of training of mechanics by giving them leaflets to upgrade their skills when assembling engines.

Aims and Objectives

We are in the business of service –oriented industry. It is our mission to cater for the new technology engines coming in the market by providing quality services and also supplying critical engines parts at an affordable price.

Sales & Marketing
A. To open new branches in Mwanza regions by the end of 2020.
B. Market Number plates throughout Tanzania using Social media like Facebook, TV and Radio programs and assess customer’s awareness by end of 2020.
C. Introduction to new promotional items like frame for number plate or Special number plate fitting on the car by end of 2021
D. To increase the external customer satisfaction from 95% to 98% by the end of 2021

A. Follow up with the Implementation and use of Online Ordering System and Design Mobile App by the end of 2021
B. To Manufacture number plates of best quality with zero defects all the time Quality Management System, ISO 9001
C. To make sure all requirements are met in timely manner

Quality Control

Autozone Company Limited (AZL) aims to manufacture the highest quality Number Plates with a reputation for reliability, accuracy and compliance to ISO 9001:2015 as well as statutory and regulatory requirements.

We aim to:
A. Set and Meet all company objectives with the aim of continuously improving the Quality Management System (QMS).
B. Meet all customer requirements and expectations and always thrive to satisfying them by providing high quality products and services.
C. To manufacture cost effective products of a consistent quality.
D. Maintain a team of motivated staff with emphasis on teamwork and enhance our skills and technical competence.
E. Maintain our Quality Management System by clearly communicating this policy within the organization



Plot No. 74 Nkrumah Street Dar es Salaam
Mob: 0655 / 0782 752837


Samora Tower – Bridge & Mansfield Street Dar es Salaam
Mob: 0736 252600


Seth. Benjamin Street
Mob: 0763 100005


Ruanda Industrial Area
Mob: 0786 203477 / 0766 555851


Plot No. 11 Sultan Street
Mob: 0687 047706


Mji Mpya Dodoma City
Mob: 0739 363562 / 0739 363662